Wishful Living is located in the small town of Berthoud, on the front range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Wishful Living boasts an eclectic collection of fun and interesting items such as: wall art, jewelry, ethnic textiles and woodcarvings, unique gifts, furniture, and much more. The store's tagline "More than just shopping, it's an adventure!" is clearly apparent to anyone who visits the store. After 12 successful years, at the request of many customers, we decided an online presence was needed. As with many e-commerce sites, Wishful Living's webstore is a work in progress. 

Wishful Living was born out of a love of travel. Its proprietor, Rudi Taylor, spent the past 38 years roaming the world in search of treasures, shipping home via both air and sea cargo, beautiful handcrafted furniture, jewelry, clothing and home décor. In past years, Rudi developed two thriving import companies: Milagro Imports, which was based in Estes Park, Colorado and eventually sold - and also Happy Mango Beads, still in operation. Rudi says, "Wishful Living isn't just a business. For me, it's about interacting with world cultures, primarily in developing countries, practicing fair trade principles while buying handcrafted goods, and giving back by producing revenue for small family-run cottage industry businesses. My four daughters grew up traveling internationally where they were taught about humanity and developed an appreciation and respect for other cultures and their ways of life. But ultimately, it’s about loving and feeling good about what I am doing." Rudi now travels all over the world to countries such as Peru, Nepal, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Italy (to name a few) in search of special treasures, and she believes Wishful Living is a reflection of that.

Outside of Wishful Living, Rudi enjoys spending time with her horse, dogs and very large family. She is the founder of Harley's Dream, a nonprofit animal welfare organization that educates the public about the cruel reality of the commercial dog breeding industry (also known as puppy mills). She enjoys bike riding, dressage, camping, sailing, and of course, TRAVEL!